The Bitter End By Adlan Fragrances


The Bitter End leads with crisp bitter orange and earthy petitgrain, dipping into the warmth of Mediterranean neroli and sweet honey. The scent finishes with soft orange blossom and jasmine, capturing life's mix of sweet and bitter experiences.

A signature graphite stoneware vessel filled with 10.2 ounces of natural coconut wax, with a 60 hour burn time with the proper wick care. Given the clean burning properties of coconut wax, with proper care, will not produce soot or smoke. Unlike paraffin wax candles, coconut wax is non-toxic.

Adlan Fragrances were born from a profound appreciation of design and olfactory artistry. Their passion has led to the creation of fragrances that share a refined sensory experience that resonates with the soul. Owned and operated in California where their small batch candles are hand poured.

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