Isen Kitchen Mill


The manual mill incorporates style notes that combine a wooden body with a natural finish and a touch of shiny metal with its handle.By simply turning the control ring located at the base of the mill, you can easily select the right grinding size for every meal. 1 for very fine grinding to 6 for coarser. The beechwood body of the mill originating in PECF forests, is tuned and painted with the greatest car. The steel mechanism, is produced in Franche-Comte.  Palace salt and pepper mill are the oldest of the Peugeot mills, created in 1874. The lines show great finesse, combining two materials with great nobility: aged wood and silver-plated metal. Adjust the grind with a simply turn of the knob on top of the mill. Tighter the kn ob the finer the grind.

Size: 7"H

Salt: Rock Salt only


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