Contemporary Wabi-Sabi Style

In recent years, Japanese minimalism has become an emerging design force, and the essence of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, the core of traditional Japanese aesthetics, is a simple beauty that can stand the test of time. Based on the concept of “not stripping away its rhythm”, designers have “transformed” the traditional wabi-sabi style to create a modern wabi-sabi that is more in tune with modern aesthetic sensibilities. This book features over thirty wabi-sabi style projects from around the world, ranging from commercial spaces such as hotels, showrooms and restaurants to residences, and showcases the use of wabi-sabi elements in contemporary interior design. It features the work of influential designers in the wabi-sabi genre, including Ukrainian designer Sergey Makhno and German interior designer Annabell Kutucu, as well as the designers’ own wabi-sabi houses.


Published by Art Power International


Hardcover 312 Pages



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