The Bubble Incense Holder in Amber

A delicate glass bubble of amber air, carefully designed to welcome a single incense stick and cradle any ash that falls during a meditation ritual. The gently pressed center alternatively allows for a tealight or small trinket.

Size: 4"L

3mm wide hole in the center which holds any incense stick.

100% Borosilicate Glass

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.

Always place the incense in a holder on a stable heat resistant surface out of reach of flammable objects while in use. Please ensure the ash lands on a non-flammable surface as it can discolor the furniture.

    Founded as an ode to memories from a childhood spent in the South of France, Maison Balzac works with artisans in Australia, France, Japan and Mongolia to create sentimental objects for the home that are used in everyday life.

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