Holiday: The Best Travel Magazine that Ever Was


At Holiday magazine's peak, urban editor, Ted Patrick, and visionary art director, Frank Zachary, invites postwar America to see and read about the world. On the journey, readers joined the magazine's renowned roaster of talent. Some of the most celebrated writing by Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Graham Greene, Joan Didion, Truman Capote, Colette and E.B. White first appeared in its pages. Henri- Cartier- Bresson documented a breathtaking Paris and other cities; Slim Aarons captured the glamour of travel around the world; and Al Hirschfeld and Ludwig Bemelmans contributed showstopping illustrations of places and personages. 

Pamela Fiori writes about the magazine's history, giving it context during the era of the jet age, world turbulence, and the rise of the Madison Avenue advertising. Holiday was a vibrant original, inspiring travel magazines that followed and leaving glorious photography and art as well as thought- provoking journalism in its wake.

Published by Rizzoli

Hardcover 270 pages

10 x 13

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